Yeah, whatever.

Save the clawed up furniture, the midnight bombing raids on your sleeping head, the box full of poop stuck in some corner or closet that turns you into a kitty-turd miner on a regular basis.

The ultimate pet. Low maintenance. Maybe not the cuddliest thing in the world, but the incidence of hacked up hairballs is exactly zero. It's never dragged in a half dead, severly wounded animal, all proud and wanting to share. And it's never 'sprayed' anything to 'mark' its territory. And it has never taken a retaliatory crap in/on/under some noticeable item because of some oddly feline human training ritual.

Yeah, let's have the cat people step up and deny that their cats don't have them well trained. HA!

Like you asked for this?

Well, the response has been underwhelming. Imagine the nerve of some people, actually neglecting this place just to take some personal time to go out and about on a holiday weekend. Sheesh. Well I hope you guys all enjoyed yourselves. We'll be ok, staying cooped up, typing our fingers to nubs, just to make sure there is fresh content when ever you get around to it.

Oh, fresh conetn you say!?! Yeah, we got that covered. As you may have seen earlier (probably not, so scroll down to catch up with the rest of here. Try and stay current, ok?), Paul gave me the idea to take a road trip and go stalk girls at the Pentagon City Mall. Which is no longer called that. Whatever.

Anyway, with a grand total of 5 minutes of prior planning, I was out the door and on the road. Well, sorta. First I went to BK and got a couple of cheeseburgers, and the ATM for some cash, and finally to the quick shop for a bottle of water and a Pepsi. But then onto the road. Now most folks might take Interstate all the way. Screw that. 64 to 95? Hey, forget that Richmond traffic - and 95 is to be experienced in as small a dose as possible. US 17 is the way to go. Light to no traffic. Plus the excitement of hoppin downtown Tappahannock.

But 17 only takes ya so far, as in just South of Fredricksburg. But since I was headed in and most of the traffic was headed out (it was around 5:30 at this point) things were moving along just fine.

And finally, the border approached...the beltway. A few minutes later, with the car tucked away in the underground warren of parking that is Northern Alexandria known as Crystal City, there it was - the Fashion Center.


So I took the Metro up into DC itself, and went to check out the World War II Memorial.

They were still setting up for the dedication ceremony today, but the Memorial was open. Lots of vets, lots of media. Cicadas, too.

Well, it was all great, but it was time to head back. There was a short shower, and then...what the heck, do I look like I know what the heck is going on? I had two people ask me directions just walking back to the Metro station. But, I did my good deed, and was rewarded with a sign! A rainbow! Over the Department of Agriculture? I'm still trying to figure out the deeper meaning on that one.